Saturday, February 6, 2010

How many years before we run out of oil?

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According to trusted and the most reputable online source — Wikipedia, if the world keeps eating as much oil as it does now, the brownish liquid, we feed our cars with, would be exhausted soon. The answer to why we are seeing our 1040 bucks channeled to wind, solar, thermal and, whatnot, very expensive "gadgets".

Lucky countries which were born with oil underneath. Listed in descending order by reserves capacity (Source)

Saudi Arabia — our best friend
Canada — our friend
Iran — oh no
Iraq — our friend .. in 5 years or so
Kuwait — our friend
United Arab Emirates — our friend
Venezuela — oh no
Russia — oh no
Libya — we are trying..
Nigeria — we are trying..
Kazakhstan — oh no
United States — we are trying.. to not use our stash
China — oh no
Qatar — our friend
Algeria — we are trying..
Brazil — our friend
Mexico — our friend

300 million Americans eat more oil than 1.3 billion Chinese!

Did you know that, petroleum is not the most efficient energy source? Only 30% of petroleum is converted into mechanical energy, the rest is a waste heat.

The most efficient alternative energy source is Uranium.

Do not worry about oil deficit, we can live thousands of years on uranium until we discover another efficient and abundant energy source.