Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wanted - Hand Kissers.

Q: Which profession requires frequent hand kissing?
A: Foley, the reproduction of everyday sound effects.

Take a sip of water and wet your lips. Then, make out with the underside of your forearm, the part with very little hair, letting your mouth make sloppy kissing sounds.

And you thought movie stars actually kissed well. They just look good; it's up to Foley to really kiss well.

The stabbing scenes in "Goodfellas" were made more realistic by using pieces of raw beef, pork and chicken and stabbing them with different knives? Clearly they did not buy the boneless meat because who can forget that sound of the blade hitting the bone.

The Mammoth’s footsteps in the upcoming movie "Ice Age" was made by dropping a log into a pit of dirt, mud and stone.

The sound of the dragonfly made memorable in the opening of "Men in Black" was made using a small plastic fan with gaphers tape stuck to the blades? The tape was made long enough so that when the fan was turned on, it brushed up against the Foley Artists’ fingers.

Friday, July 12, 2013


A man’s wife disappears and he’s accused of killing her. At the trial, his lawyer tells the jury, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have amazing news. Not only is my client’s wife actually alive, but she’ll walk through that door in ten seconds.”

An expectant silence settles over the courtroom, but nothing happens.

“Think about that,” the lawyer says. “The fact that you were watching the door, expecting to see the missing woman, proves that you have a reasonable doubt as to whether a murder was actually committed.”

He sits down confidently, and the judge sends the jury off to deliberate. They return in ten minutes and declare the man guilty.

“Guilty?” says the lawyer. “How can that be? You were all watching the door!”

“Most of us were watching the door,” says the foreman. “But one of us was watching the defendant, and he wasn’t watching the door.”