Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toilets — cultural differences.

Toilet customs and facilities vary from country to country. The most advanced and cleanest facilities, can be found in Japan.

The worst can be experienced in India, Africa and other third world countries. World Toilet Organization makes sure that everyone gets decent toilets.

Some differences are noticed in the process of visiting "the facilities".While in some countries, like India, public urinating (as well as baking brownies) is an absolutely normal process, the others,are so embarrassed of their bodily natural processes, so that they even had to come up with devices to mute the sounds.

Most of Arabic countries oppose to using toilet paper. That of course, does not come from the desire to be environmentally friendly. How they do it? They just use their bare hand (always left one).

Lastly, how do space travelers do it without getting splashed in the face with digested waste? Answer →.

P.S sometimes space travelers quarrel about toilet usage.